Ledger Rods - Leger fishing rods are between 9ft and 11 ft and generally made up of 2 sections. These are used for fishing a bait on the bottom of the river or lake without a float. Bite indication is through the quiver tip or swing tip. A quiver tip is like a small, tapered extension to the rod that is pushed into the end. When a fish bites, the end of the rod 'quivers' before it is pulled round. Some leger rods have a screw fitting in top ring and the swing tip is screwed into this. The swing tip is like a 6 to 8 inch thin stick with a rubber tube fitted to one end and a rod ring to the other. In the other end of the rubber tube is the screw. Line is threaded through the rod as normal and also through the swing tip ring. The swing tip hangs down and a bite is detected when it swings and lifts up as the fish swims away.

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